Monday, September 2, 2013

The first movie

I think it's rather well-known around these parts that Johnny and Hank are fans of the movie Cars. So when the movie Planes came out a few weeks ago, John suggested making an impromptu trip to the theater to see it. It turned out to be quite the experience for us all.

We walked in and the boys were captivated by all the neon lighting and movie posters. They stared at the display of candy and Johnny was so excited to push the button to put butter on our popcorn.

Staring at the cashier while we get our tickets


In awe of the theater
We timed it so that we would be walking into the theater five minutes before the movie began, thinking that the less time we spent in the theater, the more likely we could see the whole movie. Well, it was a good idea, but that meant the whole theater was packed. We managed to find three seats together, which worked well since Hank was not interested in having a seat to himself. So he sat in my lap the whole time.

For the first hour of the movie (including previews) they boys were enchanted. Hank sat in my lap and stared slack-jawed at the screen in front of him, soaking in all the colors, sounds, and characters and stuffing his face with popcorn. Johnny loved sitting in his own seat and preferred to have the bag of popcorn sitting in his lap so he had the best access to it.

The movie itself was... less than stellar. I already knew it wasn't going to be Cars caliber because it wasn't made by Pixar, just a subset of Pixar that produces mostly straight-to-DVD movies. The characters were pretty much doubles of the ones already found in Cars and the plot left much to be desired. But for 2 and 3.5 year olds? It worked out well.

Of course, once we were an hour and fifteen minutes into the movie (which was an hour and forty-five minutes with previews), the boys were asking to go home. They had had enough popcorn and movie time and were ready to move around. To be honest, I was really impressed they had made it that long, so I consider it a win. Though John was really bummed that we didn't get to see the end of the movie. So I guess we'll have to watch it when it comes out on Netflix. :)

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