Monday, September 12, 2011

In the Bjorn

One evening a week ago, I put Hank in the Baby Bjorn facing out to see what he would think.

Our efforts to get Johnny in the picture resulted in Hank losing his hat.
Well, he dug it while we walked around, but the second he got tired, he lost his mind. Poor little guy was really overstimulated considering that he is usually snuggled up to me when we go for walks or out for errands. Taking a look at the big wide world when all you've known is your mom's chest is probably a pretty freaky experience. The overstimulation session led to a rather wakeful night, wherein I did most of my sleeping in the glider with Hank in my arms nursing.

Yeah, the Bjorn has been packed up and put away for a later date. Or maybe for the next child.

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  1. Nice to see mama Durso in some pics :) Can't wait to come home for Thanksgiving!!