Tuesday, September 13, 2011

21 months

I'm 21 months old today!
This month hasn't brought too many more changes, but my parents have finally noticed how smart I am. I know all of my colors, I can count to ten (though I often skip 7 and 8) and I can spell my name... without the n's though because I don't pronounce them when I say my name. I'm getting better at using smart phones and have taken Daddy's out of airplane mode repeatedly. This has resulted in Daddy keeping his phone away from me, which is something I don't particularly like, so I complain about it often.

I'm now completely obsessed with the movie Cars, though I call it "Mater" because he's my favorite character. I have a red Cars 2 shirt that Mom got on clearance and if I were allowed, I'd wear it every single day. I have been known to wear it during the day, then keep it on that night and wear it again the next day. I can't wait until Cars 2 comes out on DVD so I can change things up a little... not that the first Cars is losing it's appeal, I'd just like some variety. Maybe.

I'm looking forward to cooler weather coming our way so that we can go outside more often. Mom has been a spoilsport lately because she says it's too hot to go outside. Well, if she would just leave Hank in the house, I'm sure she wouldn't feel nearly as hot. But she won't do it for some reason. He's just a baby, it's not like he's going to go anywhere. Sheesh.


  1. Happy birthday Johnny! No worries little buddy, Hank is soon gunna be able to chase you all around outside, just not THIS summer :-)