Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hank is 3 months old!

I'm 3 months old today!
This month has brought a few changes for me. Not only can I roll over from tummy to back, but now I can roll over from back to tummy! Of course, there isn't any evidence because I get distracted by the camera, but Mommy has seen it happen a few times. I have yet to use these new-found skills to do any kind of traveling though. Maybe next month.

I am still very smiley and laugh at the faces Mommy makes. My sleeping schedule is pretty much the same from day to day, which is nice because there's a routine to my day. This has probably helped with my nighttime sleeping; on an average night, I go to bed around 7pm, get dreamfed at 9:30pm and then wake up around 2am for another feeding and wake up for the day at 6:30am. Not too bad, right?

I still hate the car seat and will only tolerate it under very special circumstances. Otherwise, I scream my head off. Not that it does any good, Mommy just does what she needs to do regardless of my discomfort. That's what happens when you're the second child, I guess.

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