Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Halfway Point

Remember when I said I was pregnant with the next baby? Yeah, well, I'm HALFWAY THERE! Holy-freaking-moly. 20 weeks along and 20 more to go. 20 more weeks and I'll be a mother of 2. How is that possible?!

I had the "big" ultrasound last week, where John and I got to see the baby and I have to say it was unreal. I don't feel particularly pregnant and it's weird that I'll be having another child when I already have one at home... weird. We aren't finding out the sex this time, just so everyone knows. We enjoyed it being a last-minute surprise with Johnny, so we're looking forward to it again with this baby. Sorry, no buying gender-specific baby clothes before the big event! Or maybe you can just get girl clothes since we have PLENTY of boy clothes between Lisa's baby and Johnny. :)


  1. so happy the big ultrasound went well. you look great!!

  2. Holy crud,
    Im a horrible friend. When did I last see you?? Half way?? I'm missing your whole pregnancy. We're seeing each other this week.