Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick update... since I feel guilty

For the last six weeks I haven't found many free moments in which to sit down and write a coherent post about the boys as I've either been battling with a child at bedtime, preparing for our east coast trip, or traveling to the east coast. So I'll give you a few bullet points of incoherency:

  1. We went on our trip and survived (I'll give a full update... someday).
  2. Johnny can now spell TONS of words, including flamingo and xylophone. His newest trick is spelling "The Home Depot". I suppose that means we have too many home improvement projects going on.
  3. Hank can say a few words now: Mama, Dada (which also refers to Johnny), yes, no, book, throw, trash, car, truck, out, yay, wow, yuck and phone. It's funny, he says "phone" an awful lot like Johnny used to.
  4. Both Johnny and Hank have a sudden obsession with slides, which is totally awesome since it's something they BOTH enjoy, but it's also not a fun obsession to have when it's ridiculously hot outside.
  5. Hank now kisses EVERYTHING. Blocks in front of him? Kiss. Book in front of him? Kiss. Sleeping Mommy? Kiss. Johnny's back? Kiss. It's adorable and hilarious. And sometimes disgusting when he wants to kiss the trash can.
  6. Johnny is still into Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, but not enough to wear the adorable Buzz Lightyear and Woody pajamas I got him. He chooses to wear his too-small Cars PJs instead.
  7. Johnny is getting better and better at using sentences, but his pronouns are all confused. Finally, John pointed out that it's probably our own fault since we've been referring to ourselves in the third person for who knows how long. So we've made an effort to say, "I'm so hungry!" instead of "Mommy/Daddy is so hungry!" and now he's starting to catch on. No idea if it's because of our change in grammar or because he's just figuring it out himself, but I'm glad.
  8. Now that our pool heater is fixed, we've been spending more time in the pool. I'm happy to report that both boys enjoy it immensely... but it's REALLY dicey spending time in there with both of them and it's just me. On every trip into the pool/spa, one of them has fallen into deeper waters at least once. Kind of scary.
  9. Hank has cut 3 of his 4 molars in the last few weeks and that has been AWESOME.
  10. Johnny has been learning to cook his own egg and it's SO CUTE/TERRIFYING. I've been trying to foster a I-can-do-it attitude in him, since I think I tend to do too much for him all the time, and this is one of the few things he has been interested in doing himself.  
 Hopefully I'll get a chance soon to fill in all that has happened in the last few months that I've been crazy busy. But no promises. :)

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