Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hank is 15 months old!

I'm 15 months old!
There's a trash can in the background... that's important.
I have learned SO MUCH this last month! I have really started expanding my vocabulary and can now say the following words in addition to the list from my 13 month post:
  • no
  • yogurt (which is always accompanied by an open hand next to my mouth... no idea why)
  • a car
  • trash
  • garbage truck
  • soccer ball
  • duck
  • dog
  • moo 
  • on
  • off
  • book
  • cereal (actually it sounds more like "uyuhyuhyuhyuhyuh", but it means cereal. With milk on it.)
  • bagel
  • llama llama
  • block
  • fountain
  • hand
  • pool
  • strawberry (this one actually sounds like strawberry)
  • boom 
  • out
  • outside
  • closed
  • throw
  • cup
  • bowl
  • phone
  • hi
  • bye
I am IN LOVE with trash and anything to do with trash. I point out ALL OF THE TRASH CANS wherever we go (which isn't actually new, but now I can actually say the word "trash" so other people know what I'm talking about) and really enjoy throwing stuff in the trash. After Mommy changes Johnny's diaper, sometimes she'll let me throw it in the trash for her. It's such a treat! But sometimes when she doesn't have any trash to throw away, I'll pick something random and throw it in there just for the thrill.

I have started a love affair with the garbage truck and it's the highlight of my week. The second I hear a loud truck coming my way, I run to the door saying "Garbage truck? Garbage truck? GARBAGE TRUCK!!" So we all go outside and watch the garbage truck make it's rounds. Every time a can is emptied into the truck Johnny and I both say "BOOM!" and laugh hysterically. It's nice to actually have something in common with my brother.

I've gotten really good at running and jumping with two feet. I have been known to hop from one point to another point 20 feet away just because I can. I like to climb on the play structures at parks and go down slides; Mommy says I'm an adrenaline junkie. I am also getting good at saying hi and bye appropriately and LOVE to wave and blow kisses.

My napping is still rocky, but I've been getting better. I am finally getting to the point where one nap is enough and will usually go down for 45 minutes in the middle of the day and then Mommy can nearly always nurse me back to sleep and put me back down. Sometimes I don't let her put me down though, in which case the nap is over since apparently Johnny can't be without supervision for an hour. Whatever. At night, I've been sleeping for five hours straight in the middle of the night! I tend to go to bed at 7pm, wake up at 10pm, and then stay down until around 2:30 or 3. Then sometimes Mommy can nurse me back to sleep and put me in the crib, but other times she can't put me down so I come to bed with her. Either way is good for me! As long as there's a boob nearby.

My molars finished coming in this last month (finally) and now all I have left are my cuspids, which are taking their sweet time. Once those come in, maybe I'll be ready to push the boob away and move on with my life... or at least that's what Mommy is hoping!

Likes: trash, jumping, water, waving, blowing kisses, hot air balloons, balloons in general, Llama Llama Hoppity Hop, pressing doorbells, drawing on myself with marker, playing with sand, snuggling, Mommy's singing, strawberries, cheese, Greek yogurt, slides, ketchup

Dislikes: having my diaper changed, someone spoon feeding me, hitting my head, my carseat, shoes, having stuff on my hands, sitting in the stroller


  1. He's such a big boy! I love him so much.

  2. Hahaha this is hilarious. I really, really, really want to witness the trash truck viewing. I'll have to plan one of my trips around your garbage man's schedule.