Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hank is 13 months old!

I'm 13 months old today!
 This month has been packed full of development for me. The biggest thing is that I'm starting to say words. I mean, not words that just anyone can understand, but Mommy is definitely noticing a few noises here and there that are my versions of certain words. 
Word list:
  • yes
  • cheese
  • ew
  • whoa
  • ball
  • basketball
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • car
  • bird
  • woof
  • bubble
  • balloon
I can also say "uh oh" clear as day. I usually say it when I've dropped something and Mommy thinks it's adorable. I'm even signing a little bit to make my communication even clearer. "More" and "night night" are the ones I do most often, but occasionally I will do "cheese". I like cheese. Obviously.

I am SO steady on my feet now. I am slowly working toward running, but my head usually goes a lot faster than my feet so I end up landing on my face. I can jump pretty well, though, and have gotten really good at it using our trampoline.

I'm throwing balls and sippy cups and all kinds of objects just to see what happens. The funny thing is I throw them with my LEFT. I also reach for things with my left and am better at feeding myself with my left hand. It's still early, but I may be left-handed!

My naps are about two a day for about 45 minutes each and nighttime sleep is still fragmented. I go to bed around 5:30pm, wake up about 9:30pm, 1:30am, 3:20am and then am up for the day at 5am. I'm like an alarm clock; I wake up at 5:00 on the dot every single morning. It's kind of nice because I get to spend some time with Daddy before he goes to work. Even though my napping and nighttime sleep is less-than-ideal, Mommy doesn't mind because it's pretty predictable, which is nice.

Likes: cheese, Goldfish crackers, strawberries, blackberries, Daddy's cereal, yogurt pretzels, raisins, remote controls, stuffed animals, Mommy's singing, being held, throwing things that make loud noises, pulling Mommy's hair, soy milk, homemade smoothies, PB&J, balls
Dislikes: leafy greens, nuts, Mommy leaving the room, the car seat, stroller, Johnny taking toys from me, being left in a room by myself, getting my diaper changed


  1. yay for uh oh! those are some of my favorite memories of v so far.

    and man, you get pulling mommy's hair too? so brutal. is it a comforting thing for him too? v still fondles my hair all the time but at least she almost never pulls it anymore.

  2. as i just wrote to lisa, that was me commenting from an alias email by accident, sorry!