Saturday, December 24, 2011

Backlog: Doctor's visit

I think this is the last of the backlog posts. This will (mostly) catch everyone up on the goings-on the Durso household.

Johnny and Hank were both due for their doctor's appointments around the same time; Johnny for his 2 year (I know, it's weird that I have to a two-year-old now) and Hank for his 6 month. So the receptionist managed to schedule them for the same day within 20 minutes of each other. Perfect! Only one trip to the doctor! It certainly couldn't have worked out any better.

I must have been high on crack the day I made those appointments.

It started off well enough. Johnny was distracted by my iPhone and Hank was sleeping in the Ergo. Then Hank had to be taken out for measuring and weighing. Then Johnny had to be weighed (on a real big-boy scale!) and have his height measured. Then we waited twenty more minutes for the doctor to come in... and then it was fall out juggling. Put Hank on the table, hold Hank's chest and keep Johnny from leaving the room. Put Hank in the Ergo and pick Johnny up. Put Hank down and hold Johnny on the table. Put leg out to keep Johnny from bolting out of the office. Even then, it wasn't too bad. What I forgot about were the shots. Oh, the shots!! Both boys needed immunizations, thus both had to be stuck in the arm or leg with a needle and then both needed to comforted. Johnny went first and was MAJORLY upset. Then Hank needed a bazillion shots, so I was left with a screaming baby and a crying clingy toddler.

I'll never do that again.

Anyway! Here are the boys' stats for your perusal:
Height: 36 inches - 87th percentile
Weight: 31 pounds - 82nd percentile

Height: 28 inches - 93rd percentile
Weight: 19 pounds - 77th percentile

You better watch out, Johnny, Hank is bigger than you were at the same age! He's not called Hank the Tank for nothing!

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  1. Wow our boys are so close! Tre was 35 inches and 30.5 pounds at his 2 year. I can't believe how big Johnny is.