Friday, December 23, 2011

Backlog: Hank is 6 months old!

I'm 6 months (and 6 days) old now!
Mommy's been so busy trying to get me to sleep that I haven't had a chance to blog about my 6 month birthday! Sheesh, Mom, give it a rest for a second, okay?! 

Anyway. I've spent the last month quitting the whole sleeping thing. Life is just too interesting to miss, you know? I've also spent the last month growing some pretty long hair. I get lots of comments on how long and wispy it is. Some have even compared to Einstein's coif, though I don't think it's quite that extreme. Maybe one day... if Daddy doesn't insist on getting me a buzz cut.

I'm SO close to being able to sit on my own. For some reason I'm more motivated to sit by myself in the bath tub than anywhere else. Maybe because if I fall over I'll whack my head on a hard surface? Or because if I fall over in the tub I could inhale water? I don't know, I'm just able to sit unassisted in the tub and that's it. 

I also started eating solid foods this month and I'm getting pretty good at eating. At first I enjoyed blowing bubbles in the food Mommy tried to give me, but now I have discovered how great solid foods can taste and always have my mouth open like a baby bird when it's food time. 

My eyes continue to get bluer by the day and may actually be as light as Johnny's eventually... it's certainly something to strive for. You know, other than being big enough to rough house with him at some point.

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