Monday, June 13, 2011

40 weeks... and doing okay

I really thought that by this point in my pregnancy I'd be ready to pull the baby out through any orifice just to not be pregnant anymore... but I actually feel good. Surprisingly good. Considering how awful I felt at 36 weeks, 40 weeks is pretty great. The baby has dropped considerably, so I no longer have excruciating rib pain (which I may not have complained about before, but believe me, it was quite uncomfortable). My back pain has been replaced with pelvic pain, which I actually don't mind. It doesn't wake me up at night, at least. I still get the restless legs thing every once in awhile and after trying a few things, it seems that bananas + nettle tea = best results. That doesn't mean it works every time, but I tend to have less intense restless feelings if I have that combo of potassium and iron before bed.

So... yeah. That's it. We were really hoping for a baby today (the 13th), but it is now 2PM, so I don't think that will be happening. Bummer. Now I'm just hoping for a baby before June 27th! Preferably without induction, of course. I'll keep you all posted on the baby watch!

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