Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun new toys!

Grandma Durso was kind enough to get Johnny some new "bigger boy" toys, since all of the ones we have right now are baby toys and Johnny isn't as interested in those any more. So, Grandma Durso took us out to Babies 'R Us for a little spree and we picked out all kinds of fun things for Johnny to play with. One of the biggest hits is this little number:
The little blue part that he's playing with is a small "laptop computer" that makes noise when you open or close it... he figured that out pretty quickly. Now that he's pulling himself up on things, I attached the legs that it came with and he can cruise around the toy to look at all the fun things it has to do.
Looks like he's having a good time, right? He really likes that little phone. After we're done playing, he'll carry it with him around the house.

1 comment:

  1. I NEED one of these. Okay, not me personally, but my little "not interested in anything long enough for me to get anything done and there's unused toys EVERYWHERE" child.
    ::runs off to babiesrus.com::