Monday, April 5, 2010

All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy

And thus, we do no work. We play and play and play all day! Except for the three times a day he's taking a 45-minute nap . . . then there's no play. But other than that, we are playing fools! Therefore, he is the polar opposite of dull.

His favorite thing (for now) is playing under his Baby Einstein play gym, which has lots of little toys suspended from a couple of flexible beams that he can bat at and it plays music when you shake it hard enough. Johnny's favorite toy is this octopus that has a gigantic smiley face and holds a rattle and a fish.

Click here to see video on YouTube.
Inevitably, however, he gets bored of Mr. Octopus (even though I have a voice for him and he holds conversations with Johnny) and so his next favorite thing is playing with Mommy and Daddy!
Click here to see video on YouTube.
Okay, maybe he likes this best, but let's be honest, I have stuff to do sometimes and the play gym is almost as good.

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