Monday, March 1, 2010

To the Zoo!

Yesterday, my mom and I took Johnny to the zoo for the first time and he actually did very well! Obviously, he can't enjoy everything the zoo has to offer as he's only two months old and can't see very far yet, but he did like being outside in the sunshine with all the different smells and sounds. Eventually I'll be able to tell him all of the cool facts I have stored in my brain about the zoo (did you  know that all of the plants at the San Diego Zoo are worth more in total than all of the animals put together?), the animals, and the beauty of evolution . . . okay, maybe it'll be a good decade before he cares about any of that but whatever.

We managed to stay for four whole hours! Granted, he slept on and off through a good two hours of it and then was inconsolable at the end, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Since he was sleeping most of the time, we didn't get too many cute pictures of him at the zoo; I'm still wary of waking him up when he is napping since he still has issues taking daytime naps. However, we did take a few and I have included them below. Enjoy!

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