Sunday, March 28, 2010

15 Weeks!

I'm 15 weeks old today!
Can you believe that I'm almost 4 months old?! This week I've been rolling over like crazy! I originally rolled over to the right, but  now I'm a master at rolling over to the left. Mommy was trying to do a "professional" photo shoot with me to take pictures like the one above and I wouldn't stop rolling over. I couldn't understand why she kept getting frustrated at me. Isn't she always trying to get me to roll over? And then all of a sudden she doesn't want me to roll over? Geez. Make up your mind woman! I'm also starting to drool ALL OVER THE PLACE! I think it's hilarious that Mommy has to change my clothes so often... but she's wising up and starting to put these obnoxious bibs on me.

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