Friday, December 13, 2013

Johnny is 4!

Today we celebrated Johnny's FOURTH birthday. Well, it was the first celebration of the weekend, anyway. Before I had Amy, I talked with Johnny a lot about what he wanted to do for his birthday. I wanted to make sure that I had his birthday party mostly planned before throwing a newborn into the mix.

He decided he wanted a small party with some friends and a bounce house. Oh, and construction trucks. At first, he wanted a train birthday party, but then the winds of obsession shifted and he decided that construction trucks were the way to go. Planning his party this year was way more fun than previous years because he's been to enough birthday parties to know what it's all about. We went on Pinterest and picked out some cakes he liked so I could get an idea of what he wanted, which was a lot of fun to do together. I also asked him a lot of questions about what kind of a bounce house he wanted, what flavor he wanted the cake to be, if we should get pizza or something else... and he usually had preferences on these things. It was fun to put together a party that he had ideas about. :)

Luckily, his desires are pretty simple because there are some limitations to what I can accomplish with two rambunctious boys and a newborn. Bounce house, pizza, construction trucks, and a cake. I can handle that.

I told Johnny his cake could be any color he wanted. He chose pink.

Unfortunately, taking pictures was something I didn't even think about until it was time for cake. Whoops. So that's what I have for Johnny's 4th birthday thus far! We still have a celebration with family this weekend. Maybe I'll remember to take more pictures.

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