Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pumpkin Patch: 2nd edition

Our trip to the Pumpkin Station was lots of fun, so the boys were all kinds of excited to go to the Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center when my brother, Scott, and his girlfriend, Crystal, had mentioned they were thinking about going.

Now, this place is what the average American thinks of as a "pumpkin patch". There was a hay ride, a straw maze, and fields full of pumpkins. Crystal said that the weekends are crazy there, so we went on a Wednesday morning, thinking the place would be deserted... but we were dead wrong. Turns out it's a popular place for school trips, as evidenced by the scores of children exiting the large number of school buses parked in the lot.

It was still a good time, though.
They thought sitting in a wheelbarrow was HILARIOUS. But not hilarious enough to actually stay in it for any length of time.

Uncle Scott gives some sweet airplane rides.

What do you think? Are they related?

Tractor ride! Which we had to explain to Johnny was like a train, otherwise he wasn't interested.
We asked a farm employee to take our group picture and unfortunately all were blurry except for this one.

You can kind of tell it's us, right?

My brother and his girlfriend. Awwww.
 After the tractor ride, we did the straw maze. There were nine stamps you were supposed to find and use to stamp the card they gave us at the beginning, but neither child was particularly interested. They just wandered around while one of us adults followed them. I don't think either of them cared much for the whole thing.


Poor Johnny was OVER pictures by this point.

 And, of course, the obligatory petting zoo.

Another fun time was had by all. Though I think I'll skip this one next year and hope they'll be more into it the year after that. The straw maze was the coolest part and they were rather unimpressed. Hmph.


  1. Looks like a great time...some of my fondest memories are when we took our kids apple picking and going to the pumpkin farm. I really miss those days. :(

  2. bates nut farm!! i'm so jealous. it was my fav growing up. that identical twins pic is amazing.