Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween 2013

I know. It's the middle of November. So sue me.

Neither Johnny nor Hank are particularly into dressing up. Johnny likes to put on the occasional hat, and Hank will follow suit if that's what Johnny is doing, but that's about the end of it. A full-on adorable Hulk costume like my nephew Jack wore is not something either of my kids will do willingly. So, my goal was to come up with a costume for the boys that A) they would like and B) looked mostly like normal clothing so they would put it on.

Enter the construction worker costume.

Both boys have been obsessed with construction vehicles for the past month, so convincing them to be construction workers for Halloween was an easy sell. Johnny informed me that they needed hard hats, tool belts and boots if they wanted to go on a construction site. Well, okay then, kid! I managed to get them child-size hard hats, a couple white T-shirts, and one tool belt (we already had a green one from Aunt Julie, thanks for that!). The boots were a no-go. Mostly because neither kid would try on a single freaking shoe when we would go to the store. So, no boots. Johnny was a little disappointed by that, but hey, I tried. Not hard, admittedly, but I gave a few gos.

Of course they are SFP employees!

Johnny was SO CUTE putting his arm around Hank for photos.

I know. The cuteness abounds, does it not?

Grandma and Grandpa Durso and Aunt Leslie came with us to enjoy the fun.

Little trick-or-treaters

They got a little overzealous with the doorbell ringing and knocking though.
Since last year's Halloween was less than stellar, I really talked up the trick-or-treating this year. I coached the boys on ringing the doorbell and what to say when the person answered the door. I put a lot of emphasis on CANDY.

And they nailed it.

They were ridiculously adorable running up to the door, each ringing the doorbell (sorry neighbors!) and then saying "Trick-or-treat!" in their sweet little voices. Then they'd pick their candies carefully, (well, randomly, really, since they don't didn't know much about candy) and I'd say thank you for them (though sometimes they would say it themselves without prompting) and they'd run away yelling "Next house!"

Not bad for a 2 and 3 year old, right? Of course, if the homeowner didn't stand up with their bowl of candy fast enough, they were in danger of Hank coming back in and taking a second candy, but seeing as our cul-de-sac gets about four trick-or-treaters, and because the boys were cute, no one seemed to mind. :)

The evening went a little downhill when we traveled over to our friend's neighborhood to do some trick-or-treating with them and Johnny decided he was over it. Both of the boys were pretty beat, I think, from all the running and performing, so after about 30 minutes of complaining that we weren't staying at Blake and Asher's house (a favorite place of theirs) we called it a night.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome Halloween. I'm hoping they'll be even more into it next year!

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  1. They look so cute!! Love it. And while Jack's costume may have looked cute, he refused to speak a word to any house that we went to so basically it was 38 year old John trick-or-treating. You can't win them all. :)