Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hank's 2nd birthday

Hank's birthday was... a month ago. Whoops. So here's how it went down.

We had a date set for Hank's construction-themed (as the kid will not wear a shirt that doesn't have a construction vehicle on it) birthday party, but ended up having to postpone it since he woke up with a 103.5 fever the day before. Fevers tend to be a deal breaker for having other kids around. So, we had to push it back to the weekend following his birthday.

On his actual birthday, June 17th, I got out part of the cake I was going to serve at the party the previous weekend and made it his day-of birthday cake. He was SO EXCITED to blow out the candles. It was adorable.

Finally, the day of the party rolled around and neither Hank nor Johnny were sick, so celebrations were had! We had all of Hank's favorite things to play with: a bounce house (or as Hank says, and he will correct you, a jump house), a sand box with construction vehicles to move around, another box full of rice with more construction vehicles, a whole bunch of caution cones and caution tape, a kiddie pool full of balloons inside the house and lots of helium balloons on the ceiling.
The balloon room
Eating delicious food.

Asking to be held because there was CHAOS and he was tired.
Opening a gift that he just couldn't resist because it was wrapped with Cars paper
Playing in the rice box (Maureen, you were right. These things are awesome.)
The only picture I took of the bounce house. It was large and had big palm trees. Hey, it was one of the only options left.
 I usually make some kind of elaborate cake for these birthday parties, but since I made one for the first (nonexistent) party, I was a little caked-out. So I got a plain one from Costco and threw some decorations on it. It was still cute and quite delicious. :) Not a bad back-up plan.

Eating cake with Daddy
You may or may not have noticed that Johnny is missing from all of these pictures. Well, that's because after the first fifteen minutes of having friends over, he was done. He headed upstairs to the play room (which was off-limits for the party) and stayed there by himself for the most part. And then he fell asleep in the guest room downstairs. He had a good ol' time. :)

The party was a success thanks to everyone who brought food (since prepping for the party and making the cake was about as much as this pregnant mama could handle) and to everyone who helped clean up the aftermath. The aftermath included dirty dishes, serving ware, toys, wrappers, trash, etc. They were so good at their jobs that I didn't have much to do after everyone went home. Except nap, of course. Which was awesome.

Happy birthday, Hank! I'm glad you had a great time at your party.

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