Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello March.

Well, blogging in February was pretty much a bust. Whoops. Add 16-hour days to a trip to Vegas (for my friend's birthday) and the busiest cake-baking month EVER and it pretty much sets me up for blogging failure. Oh well. It's a good thing that there are only ten or so people who read this blog and would be disappointed by my lack of consistency. And all ten of them completely understand my situation. Or least pretend they do... at least to my face. :)

Anyway. I have lots of pictures of the boys, but I have yet to organize them. In the meantime, these are the masterpieces I was busy with last month:
Birthday cake for my mother-in-law's surprise party.
 If anyone is into cake decorating, I did the rose cake above in regular buttercream topped with marshmallow fondant I made myself (recipe I used is here). I made all of the roses out of royal icing, let them dry overnight (though I should have left them longer) and glued them to the fondant with leftover royal icing. It worked perfectly! Royal icing will melt if it comes into contact with grease, but I guess the fondant and royal icing had dried enough not to be affected. Yay!

This was for a friend's daughter's Sofia the First birthday party
The quilting took FOREVER, but totally worth it, yes?
 I had never made the swags (purple curtain-looking things) before, but I thought I did pretty well overall. I had never done the quilting effect either, but think I did okay on that too.

We'll get back to regular programming (*ahem* pics of the boys) later. For now I just wanted to brag. :)


  1. Great Uncle BobbyMarch 7, 2013 at 8:41 AM

    Your cakes are amazing...just as good, if not better, than anything on "Cake Boss".

  2. Wow, that purple cake is amazing! Good job!

  3. I loved my birthday cake. Delicious and beautiful. Thanks again!