Monday, February 4, 2013

Backlog: Johnny's birthday party

Johnny's birthday party was nearly two months ago. And I'm feeling the need to blog about it RIGHT NOW before it gets too much later.

I am not the best party planner/thrower. I struggle with making food at just the right time so it will be fresh and warm when everyone is ready to eat. I have a hard time getting the house clean enough for company and then keeping it that way with two kids to entertain. Plus, our house is not well-suited to entertain hordes of toddlers with the backyard being a pool and with our long steep flight of stairs that just beg little ones to fall down them. And then when it comes to decorating said house for a party? Totally NOT my thing.

So. I opted to have Johnny's party at his favorite park (at the time), Hilltop Park, which is known as "the bumpy slide" in our household and to serve burritos from a local taco shop. I also kept the "theme" simple: orange and turquoise, inspired by The Orange Shirt. Throw out some orange and blue tablecloths and maybe a streamer here and there. Done.

And the party was a success! The toddlers had a lovely time at the park, the parents enjoyed (I think) watching their kids play and talking to other adults. The food was warm and delicious (despite the hoops we had to jump through to get it... argh) and the cake was good.

The cake. I made the stars myself.

The birthday boy!

Blowing out the candles with Daddy.
All photos above courtesy of my mother-in-law. Thanks, Gail! I'm not exactly sure where mine went... I have way too many memory cards to go through and if I wait to publish this post until after I find them, it will never happen. So, hopefully these will suffice. :)

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