Monday, January 28, 2013

Release me

Johnny, Hank and I spent nine whole days in the house being too sick to associate with others. We went outside to paint and get the mail and I made a solo trip to the grocery store. That was it. For nine whole days. Now, that may not sound so awful, but we don't have a backyard the boys can play in much, therefore we normally go to parks/other houses/anywhere other than our house nearly every day. Which means that being home bound for over a week was excruciating for all three of us. So by day nine we were feeling like this:
RELEASE ME!!!!! Independence Day anyone?
On day 10, I thought the boys were well enough to go to a park and run around there. Yes, they still had runny noses and some yucky green boogies, but my patience was worn thin and the boys were incredibly bored with our home. So, we left the house.

Once we got to the park (a cool new one we found in North Park), Johnny and Hank were beside themselves with excitement. I let them out of the car and then it was climbing ALL THE THINGS and sliding down ALL THE SLIDES and jumping off ALL THE SURFACES.
FREEDOM! Now where do I go? (this is Hank, BTW)
Johnny climbing the curvy yellow ladder...
Hank climbing the curvy yellow ladder.

Johnny at Hilltop in the afternoon
Hank chasing after Johnny
This is what happens when you are sick and do serious playing outside all day.
 I got a few side-eyes from some of the other moms there because it's obvious Johnny and Hank were still a little sick, but oh well. I tried to keep them away from the smaller children and mostly succeeded in keeping them from wiping snot on other kids. I call that a win.

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