Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hello 2013!

Why hello. We're alive. Promise.

This is not going to be a real post because... well, it's just not.

You know that feeling you get when you realize you forgot a friend's birthday and never sent her a birthday card or called her? But you can't do it right this second because you're in the bathroom/you can't find a pen/your phone is dead, so you resolve to do it later.

And then four days later you're like, "Oh crap! I forgot her birthday. If my hands weren't covered in salmonella from dealing with raw chicken, I'd totally call her. I'm going to do it tonight." But your children decide that bed time is optional and you don't end up doing anything but tending to them and finally collapsing into bed at 11pm covered in your children's snot and smelling like you haven't showered in days. Probably because you haven't.

Then before you know it, after a series of unfortunate events involving crazy holidays, 4am wake ups, and toddler shenanigans, it's been two months and you STILL haven't gotten around to sending that note/making that call. So you think to yourself, What do I do now? You want to call her, but doing that would bring attention to the fact that you not only forgot her birthday, but you took two frigging months to make the effort to recognize it. Plus you haven't talked in forever and there's just so much catching up to do on top of groveling at her feet for being a terrible friend. And it just seems like too much to handle at the moment, so you put it off for tomorrow, when surely you'll have more energy to deal with it than you do right now.

That's kind of where I'm at with this blog. I have so many things to write about and catch up on, namely Johnny's letter from me for his 3rd birthday, but I haven't written in so long that the activation energy to get from not writing all to carefully cataloging everything we've been up to since the end of October just seems like a lot. Hence, the non-real post that is this post.

So, I figured I'd merely ramble to get back into the swing of writing. And also typing since it's been so long that my fingers are having issues with hitting the correct letters to form correctly spelled words. Hapoy Neq Uear! (<--- that was a joke... just so you know.)

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