Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I know Johnny is related to my dad.

I was cleaning out the guest room a few days ago and Johnny got a hold of some dental floss. I used to keep a little basket of travel-size toiletries for guests in the guest bathroom until Johnny got old enough to open the cabinet and pull all of them out; so I stored them in the guest bedroom, which we hardly go into.

Well, Johnny found the dental floss, figured out how to open it and started stringing it out by the foot in a matter of seconds. I guess I should have been impressed by his problem-solving skills, but I mostly just panicked about him strangling himself with it or eating it (as I have seen a friend's cat do inadvertently... but I guess we put a treat at the end of the floss... whatever). However, once this fun was discovered, taking it away was not an option I was willing to explore. So, I took a good ten minutes to just sit in a chair and watch him waste dental floss. I'm thinking this interest in floss may be an indication he will have good dental hygiene, which will make his oral surgeon grandpa proud. :)

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