Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's a blender like you doing in a place like this?

 My life has been taken over by this fire engine red appliance and I could not be happier. And double score because Johnny digs it, too. Every day this blender is used in the morning and in the evening; yes, TWICE in one day. Because it is awesome.

After our walk, Johnny and I blend up a protein shake which we share (he gets 75% milk and 25% protein shake in his sippy cup). Then in the afternoon I whip up a spinach and fruit smoothie so that we can both get some raw greens in our diet easily. Believe me, the spinach and fruit smoothies are more delicious than they sound. The Vitamix came with a cookbook that has recipes for such things and every single one I have tried has been a success.
Smoothie drinking is serious business.
 I must credit my husband for getting a screaming deal on the Vitamix and then surprising me with it. He just came home from work one day with this appliance from heaven under his arm and told me about how long he had been searching for just the right deal on one. My husband = the awesome.

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