Monday, November 29, 2010

This one hasn't been posted yet.

Hello all! We have returned from our vacation in Grand Junction and are all happy and a few pounds heavier. I will blog about it later this week, after I have unpacked our suitcases and downloaded some photos... promise. For now, I found a video that I don't think I have posted yet.

After Johnny had been crawling for awhile, I noticed that he showed no interest in climbing the stairs. Of course, I mention to John about how lucky we are that Johnny isn't interested in the stairs. So what happens next? I'm cleaning in the bathroom at the bottom of the stairs and Johnny is playing on the floor next to me... or so I thought. I look around and he's climbed up six or seven stairs! I pull him down, grab the video camera and wait for him to do it again... but he had to be bribed with my phone in order to do it again.

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