Monday, February 1, 2010

White noise

As I blogged about yesterday, Johnny has been having some difficulty falling asleep these days. He's really fighting tooth and nail when it comes time to go down for a nap or just to go to sleep for the night, thus, he's getting fussier throughout the day since he's getting overtired. The experts say that it will go in stages where he'll fight sleep for awhile and then he'll go back to normal and then fight again, then be normal. Well, since I spend a good 2/3 of my day trying to get him to sleep, I've decided that that's unacceptable and have started looking for better ways to soothe him so he can fall asleep easier. The first step was white noise.

Over the weekend, I put him in his swing, turned it on low and then started vacuuming. Voila! Asleep in 2 minutes or less. I decided to purchase a noise machine at Bed Bath and Beyond that makes all kinds of soothing noises like rain, waterfall, summer night, heartbeat, etc. Johnny's not so much into those, unfortunately. But he LOVES the vacuum. So I took my computer next to the vacuum and recorded it for a length of time and then messed around with it on a program called "Garage Band." A few minutes later, I had three "songs" called "vacuum - 15 minutes," "vacuum - 30 minutes," and "vacuum - 60 minutes" ready to be loaded onto my iPod. Lo and behold, he loves the vacuum noise. It's a little obnoxious, not going to lie, but hey, I'll try anything that will get my kid to sleep better and more during the day.

Next step, returning that noise machine. But first, I think I'll cheat and copy the noises on it to load to the iPod . . . y'know, just in case he tires of the vacuum and goes for something that will keep his mother more sane.

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  1. that's hysterical! just like a durso to be more comfortable around noise and fall asleep with a loud din. i still can't fall asleep with silence so i have the tv on. :-) Ingenious solution by the way!