Monday, February 8, 2010

8 Weeks!

I'm 8 weeks old today!

I know, I know, I was actually 8 weeks old yesterday, but Mom and Dad were dragging me around to various Superbowl parties so I didn't get a chance to blog. Well, this week brought some new challenges for Mommy and Daddy as I ramped up my fussiness in the evenings and decided not to sleep during the day anymore. I mean, really, an 8 week old is supposed to sleep up to 20 hours a day? C'mon! Do you know how much I miss out on when I sleep that much?! Geez. But, Mommy read a book by Tracy Hogg, the so-called "Baby Whisperer" and we're working on her E.A.S.Y. routine so that I can sleep more. We started yesterday, despite all of the Superbowl parties, and so far, things are going well for me. Now that I'm sleeping more, I'm in a much better mood throughout the day. Who knew?

This week I'm looking forward to my two-month birthday and Valentine's Day next Sunday . . . because I'm secure in my masculinity and, therefore, can enjoy Valentine's Day.

Here's a video Mommy took of me after one of my naps. Look at how chipper I am!

 P.S. I know that the right side of the video gets cut off. If that bothers you, you can click here to see the video on Youtube.

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  1. I love the video!!! He is so sweet!! It was so great seeing you this weekend and I look forward to next weekend!