Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Growing, growing, gone

Johnny has officially grown out of his first clothes, which was a pretty big shock to mommy. I took the cute little monkey sleeper off of him, put it in the hamper to wash, washed it a couple of days later, and then tried to put it on him. At first I thought maybe I shrank it in the dryer, but then I tried to put another newborn-size onesie on him and lo and behold! it was also too small. I know my little baby is growing fast (he weighted 11lbs 7oz last Friday), but the physical evidence is much harder to dismiss than some numbers on a scale. So, now that some of these little outfits don't fit, I have to pack them up in a container to sit in the nursery closet for the next baby.

 Goodbye monkeys and dinosaurs!

Luckily, he still fits in his pipe-fitter/lumberjack outfits, though the corduroy overalls are getting pretty snug . . .

Before I know it he'll be bringing home prom dates!

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  1. I guess Johnny's relatives will just have to buy him new cute outfits!