Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SeaWorld with G-ma

Since my mom's friend, Lorraine, was town this week, they did all sorts of San Diego-esque things. Johnny, Hank and I came along with them to SeaWorld where we spent the day looking at exhibits and checking out the Bay of Play for kids. Oh, and I took lots of awesome pictures.
Johnny counting out ficus berries while we wait for G-ma
Watching the Wild Arctic movie
Looking for the beluga whales

Watching the penguins "fly" underwater

At the Sea lion and Otter Show
New sea turtle exhibit
Watching Shamu and getting sleepy

Getting really sleepy

It was the perfect day for a trip to SeaWorld: hot. We had lots of fun hanging out with G-ma and her friend Lorraine, but not enough fun (or maybe too fun) for Johnny to go down for a nap that afternoon, making it a pretty long day for Mommy. We'll definitely be coming back soon!

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