Monday, October 17, 2011

Hank is 4 months old!

NOTE: Please excuse Hank for not publishing this post early this morning like he was supposed to. He's new to this whole blogging thing.

I'm 4 months old today!
I swear I was smiling for this picture. Mom's just too slow with the camera.
I think I'm finally done with that whole "newborn" thing. When you're three months old, you can usually pass as a newborn. Four months, though, it's a whole new stage. I've gone through the whole sleep regression thing and while Mommy tells me I'm not sleeping as poorly as Johnny did at the same age, I'm still not back to where I was. Granted, now that I'm no longer a newborn, I don't sleep as soundly anymore and sleep more like an adult with REM cycles and such... or at least that's what the books say. Who knows if they even know what they're talking about, right? All I know is that sleeping with Mommy is not something I'm interested in anymore. I'm all about sleeping in my own crib. 

In other news, I'm slowly getting over the whole spit-up thing. My drawer of burp cloths rarely runs out, which means Mommy doesn't have to do my laundry nearly as often... but I do have some pretty incredible poop-splosions that result in quite a bit of laundry. Luckily, I only poop every five days or so, making those explosions few and far between. (My older brother went through the same thing, I'm told.)

I'm currently wearing 6 month clothes, but they're all getting pretty tight in the torso, which means Mommy needs to bust out the 9 month stuff. The only problem is that most of the 9 month stuff from Johnny is summer-wear, which isn't really appropriate for October. That's the trouble with Johnny and I being born in completely opposite seasons, I guess.

Other than that, I'm still Mommy's bucket of smiles and love to look at faces and watch Johnny play with his toys. I suck on my fingers occasionally and still enjoy grabbing my right foot. If I'm feeling especially adventurous, I'll grab the left foot, but it's certainly not my favorite.

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  1. so cute! and right foot beats out left foot any day in my book too, hank. left foot is so clumsy!