Thursday, October 27, 2011



It all started on Tuesday, when he kept climbing out of his crib at naptime. He was all out refusing to take a nap, despite being so tired that he was laughing and crying at the same time. So, I'd put him in his crib and leave. He'd climb out, run to the door and open it to find me standing there. I'd calmly pick him up, walk him over to the crib and put him in without saying a word, then I'd walk out. Then he'd climb out, open the door, etc. etc. etc. We did this... oh, maybe 15 times? Luckily, Hank was awake and happily cooing in the hallway, so I could spend time doing this. Finally, he gave up and I rubbed his back for awhile and left him to fall asleep.

That's when I told John it was time to upgrade.

So Tuesday night we went out to Target so Johnny could pick out some bedding. Unsurprisingly, he picked out Cars bedding, as you can see in the pictures above. John set up a twin-size mattress in the corner of Johnny's room and backed the crib up next to it for a side rail. Johnny took to it immediately. It took him awhile to wind down for actual sleeping, but once he got in bed for the night, it was pretty easy. I rubbed his back for a little longer than usual while I laid next to him, but then I told him that I was leaving, he said "Night" and I walked out. He didn't even cry.

I went downstairs where John was cleaning up (I know, I have an awesome husband) and told him he should be ready for a rather sleepless night since Johnny would be taking advantage of his new-found freedom and getting up a few times... hopefully only a few. I turned on the monitor in our room and waited for him to cry out at night when he woke up and was afraid because he didn't know where he was.

It never happened.

He slept the whole night in his bed (well, in his own room, at least), got up the next morning, walked out of his room carrying his Blankie and Scout and said, "Mom? Play?" like nothing had changed. Granted, I'm expecting him to explore his new freedom at some point, but it was nice that it wasn't his first night in the big boy bed otherwise, I'd have to rethink the whole new bed thing.

My little boy is starting to show me that he's not-so-little anymore.


  1. The Cars bedding is adorable. Can't believe he's such a big boy! :)

  2. amazing! if we don't get our act together, we may be transitioning violet from our bed to a toddler bed (and skipping the crib altogether from the hours of 1-7am), so i'm glad to learn this can happen before age 2 - keep us updated!

  3. He's a kid!! No more baby!! Love the bedding