Thursday, October 13, 2011

22 months!

I'm 22 months old today!
This is the face I give Mom when she tells me to look at her and smile.
The past month has brought a huge explosion of communication as I start to string words together into phrases and even some rudimentary sentences. While I've always been a decent communicator, I've gotten even better as of late. I can tell Mom to rub my back for a little bit by saying "Mom rub back lil' bit." Mom and Dad seem to be pretty excited about how many words I know and how I'm putting them together, but I think I'm WAY more excited than they are!

I've even started liking Mom more these days. I ask her to stay with me at night and rub my back, which was Daddy's job for a long time. And I really like her to come play with me. When we go to a park or an indoor playplace, I always want Mom to come with me to play. I give kisses now; instead of just offering a cheek when someone asks me for a kiss, I will physically kiss them! It's not really that big of a deal, but Mom and Dad seem to love it.

Hank has become more interesting to me lately, probably because he's awake more now and not in the ring sling as often. I love to hold my little brother, but for some reason Mom will never let me pick Hank up or hold him by myself. Maybe it's because when I'm done holding him I push him to the ground. Nah. It's probably because Mom just doesn't like to let go of Hank.

I'm really excited to be only two months away from my 2nd birthday!! Terrible 2's, I'm on my way!


  1. I love that little guy! even when he expresses his preference for Mommy at bedtime lately. I admire his ability to tell me what he wants without fear of my disappointment.

  2. I think 3s are the new terrible 2s so maybe you'll be safe for awhile. Can't believe he's getting so old!