Thursday, July 21, 2011

That time I forgot about the 4th of July

 I was just looking over my July posts when I realized that I never posted about our amazing 4th of July weekend!! (What is it that makes me write "4th" instead of Fourth? It just doesn't look right when it's all written out like that.) We had a big weekend planned with my dad and stepmom coming out for a nice long visit to meet baby Hank and hang with Johnny.

 That Sunday, John, Lisa and Jack came down and stopped by to say hello. So of course we took the opportunity to dress Jack and Johnny in matching clothes and take lots of pictures. I don't think Jack or Johnny really cared a lick about each other and Hank was oblivious, but hey, whatever. They have their entire lifetimes to start caring about each other as cousins.
Johnny giving Hank a hug.

Johnny giving Hank a hug = bonking his head on Hank's chest.

Independence Day itself was spent at our neighbor's house at her pool party. You would think that meant swimming in the pool, but it was more about keeping Johnny from stealing other kids' toys, walking out the front door or trying to throw inner tubes into the lower yard by tempting him with Cheetos. But the food was delicious, the weather was gorgeous and the people were fun. What more could you ask for... besides a child not bent on self-destruction?

Johnny is not stoked about the swimming pool.
Still not stoked... even with floaties. Or maybe not stoked BECAUSE of the floaties.

Holy crap! A picture of me! How did that happen?!
Our neighbor, and excellent hostess.

Johnny and his friend Kai Lee... yeah, Johnny's a pro at the "thigh grab".