Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the Wild Anim- Wait, no, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

My mother-in-law and I took Johnny and Hank to the newly-renamed San Diego Zoo Safari Park last week since it's actually pretty close and I had a free guest pass that had to be used by the end of this month. So we packed up the boys and took them out for a few hours.

When we walked in, there was a zookeeper giving a talk about a wallaroo (I can only assume this is a hybrid between a kangaroo and wallaby, but we missed the beginning of the keeper talk) and Johnny enjoyed watching it bounce around the exhibit. Later that day, he kept jumping in his crib saying "Roo! Roo!" Epic cuteness.
Johnny checking out the wallaroo
The wallaroo
Hank just chillin' while we watched the wallaroo 
 The last time Johnny and I went to the Safari Park, he was fascinated by the lorikeets. There's a small aviary housing these really bright birds and you can purchase nectar to feed them. When you walk in with the nectar, they flock to you and climb all over your arms and head to drink out of the cup you're holding. Well, this time I wanted Johnny to get an up-close look at the lorikeets, you know, since he dug them so much last time. So Grandma purchased some nectar and we watched to see what Johnny would do.... well, he didn't dig them so much this time. He was WAY more fascinated with the water that the birds were bathing in. Go figure.
Grandma trying to interest Johnny in the lorikeets.
Johnny standing a safe distance away from the lorikeets.
Grandma holding tight to Johnny's hand so I can get at least ONE picture of Johnny and a bird.

Me and my boys. Hank's in the orange wrap.
The Safari Park has a cute little splash pad that I thought Johnny would get a kick out of, considering how much he enjoys the garden hose. So, I planned ahead and dressed Johnny in some swim trunks and packed an extra set of clothes for after he got soaked.
At the splash pad.
This is actually a lion, but Johnny kept calling it a dog.
He was mildly interested, but then after about six minutes he ran into the grass and had much more fun there rolling down the hills and having Grandma chase him.

Overall, it was a lovely day at the Safari Park. Johnny showed a little interest in some of the animals (namely the ones that were really close to us for viewing) and Hank slept the entire time.

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  1. What a fun day! Thanks for including me.