Wednesday, July 13, 2011

19 months

I'm 19 months old today!
Mom has been slacking on letting me do my own monthly posts. Hopefully she can get her act together now that Hank's around and she doesn't get so tired from being so big.

This month I added all kinds of words to my vocabulary. Words like "please" and "keys" and "broom" are some that I use often. I know all of my colors (most of the time), but I still have trouble with the color grey. Occasionally I'll put two words together, but that's pretty rare still. Mom keeps encouraging me to say things like "more please", but I'm sure she'll regret that once I can string words into full sentences.

I have also learned how to turn doorknobs this month! I'm pretty excited about this one because it means I can get into (or out of) any room in the house and the house itself. Mom put a few child safety knob covers on a couple of the doorknobs so I can't turn those (Mom has trouble with them too), but there are still plenty of other doors to open and close. Yep, I'm on my way to being  a full-blown troublemaker!

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  1. Our little boy is growing up so fast!