Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mommy Milestone

I think I'm doing okay at this mom-of-3 thing. No, really, I'm doing fine. Granted, Christmas thank you cards are still sitting on my desk unwritten, there are toys that have been shunted into corners and haven't moved in months, and dinner mostly consists of fish sticks, ketchup (but at least it's homemade!) and the occasional vegetable.

But in terms of patience? And loving guidance? And keeping us occupied? I'm doing fine.

So fine, in fact, that I walked with all three children to Smashburger. By myself. No other adults. Just me and the kids. And it was delightful.

All three kids fit on the double BOB. Amy was in a wrap on me, but wanted to be down after she dozed for a bit.
Then we came home and I put all three kids down to bed by myself. LIKE A BOSS. John was out shooting for the evening, so I did the honors alone. I've done it a few times when John is working late or off to a shooting match, so I've pretty much got it down. Most times, it's not pretty, but it gets done.

Honestly, going from two kids to three has not been horrible. I think there a few reasons why it's been pretty easy for me. For one, Amy's an angel baby. For serious. She sleeps (well, hopefully she'll go back to that after this whole 4 month regression nonsense), she hardly fusses, is always smiley, even when she's only taken a 30 minute nap and has no problem with being in a wrap on me for hours on end. For two, the boys have inexplicably gotten a lot easier recently. Johnny has pretty much stopped running away from us at the drop of a hat and both boys are usually okay with going to bed in the evenings. Granted, wake up time is still pretty early most days (Johnny was up before 5am this morning, ugh), but if bed time isn't a fight, it makes the early mornings almost worth it. For three, I've really lowered my standards a lot now that I have a third baby. As evidenced by the dinners we've eaten this week and the lack of cleaning that has happened in the last four months. Don't get me wrong, I have my moments where I can't look around the house without my head exploding over all the stuff that needs to be cleaned/put away/fixed, but for the most part, I'm getting better at letting it roll.

Thank goodness.

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