Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lake Powell!

For a whole week John, Johnny and I joined many other Dursos (and Stantons!) on a houseboat on Lake Powell. While John and I had a blast enjoying everything the lake had to offer, Johnny didn't care much about the setting. He did, however, love every minute of attention given to him by the aunts, uncles and cousins present. We tried getting Johnny into the lake for a little while, but he didn't like it all that much mostly due to the fact that he hates getting sunscreened and dressed in his bathing suit. He definitely preferred sitting the hot tub naked with his grandpa and great uncles (they were dressed, of course).

Despite the fact that Johnny had issues sleeping at night and napped erratically (which I guess is pretty normal), the trip was a smashing success.
Many thanks to Julie for uploading a lot of these pictures to facebook so that I could put them here for you. :)

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