Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First airplane trip!

This past weekend John, Johnny and I took off to Denver for a wedding. Since Denver is a bit of a drive from San Diego, we decided to fly out, which is only two hours of air time. Johnny was a champ on the airplane; he wasn't bothered by the change in altitude and even managed to nap during take off. However, he did get a little fussy about 1.5 hours in due to boredom. I mean, who wouldn't get bored just staring at your parents' faces for two hours? Geez.
After landing, we got our rental car (equipped with car seat) and headed to our hotel in downtown Denver. The hotel was pretty great; they had complimentary cookies and milk from 8pm - 10pm, a crib for us to use, and an hot breakfast buffet each morning. Very nice digs.

The next day we went into Boulder to walk down memory lane and see a few friends. We got to see a friend of mine from high school, Priscilla, and we also met up with John's friend Josh and his girlfriend Jackie before we went to the old KA house (which is  now owned by Sigma Phi Epsilon). We also went to the sorority house John used to be a hasher for, Pearl Street Mall, Old Chicago (where he was employed as a bouncer) and Salvaggios, his favorite sandwich shop. It was a lot of fun checking out all of the places he tells stories about constantly.
That night (Friday), my dad and stepmom came into Denver from Albuquerque so they could watch Johnny for us the next night (Saturday). So on Saturday, we spent the day walking around Denver, checking out the 16th Street Mall until it was time to hand Johnny over to Dad and Gayle for the night. The wedding was a blast and Johnny actually behaved for his babysitters... or so they said. :)
We flew home the next day, Sunday. It was quite a trip; three full nights away from home with a 7-month-old... but I think we did well. I even managed not to over pack too much! Though I think the 20 extra diapers might be considered overpacking... but hey, you never know!

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  1. I'm so happy he behaved! What a champ. Great pics. Glad you had fun. :-)