Thursday, November 19, 2009

Following the trend . . .

Well, here I am. Doing a blog. And no one even prompted me to do it, I'm just doing it on my own.

Anyway, the basic point of this blog is to keep everyone near and far updated on my family with a specific focus on Baby Durso. Granted, for now, it will be about me being pregnant because that's as close as I can get to a blog entry on the baby . . . I think it'll be at least mildly interesting.

To start, I figured I'd post all of the belly pictures I have of myself just to get people up to speed on what I've been looking like . . . if you haven't seen me that is.

17 week belly

20 week belly

22 week belly

26 week belly

31 week belly

34 week belly

Okay, enough pictures! I will post others as time passes and changes actually occur. :) For now, how am I feeling? Good overall. I've started having more trouble sleeping at night as my belly gets bigger and more cumbersome as I roll around trying to find a more comfortable position . . . but other than that, I'm doing fine. Only five more weeks to go!!

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