Saturday, June 25, 2011


Since we were only at the birth center for a short time (got there at 4:15PM, Hank was born at 5PM, and we went home at 9PM), everyone came and visited us the next day at our home. Most came bearing gifts of food, which were eaten in short order.
My friend Renea, whom we call "Aunt Nea"
My sister-in-law Leslie
My Aunt Teri
My mom
My "little" brother Dylan
John's brother-in-law Sim
My mother-in-law
My brother Scott
It was nice to have so many people come visit, since I was still totally high off my childbirth experience and couldn't nap, even though I was supposed to take it easy all day. So I took it easy, staying in bed for most of the day, only going downstairs to eat, and let people come to me. Thanks family and friends!

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