Monday, June 27, 2011


We've been trying to get Johnny to be "gentle" with Hank, but that's proving rather difficult. He really likes to grab Hank's chest and pat his head too hard, but it's pretty cute how interested he is in Hank already. In the morning he comes into our room and says "Hank?" and then gets on his tiptoes to peek into the bassinet to look at Hank while he's sleeping. When he hears Hank cry, Johnny says, "Hank? Cry?" Freaking adorable. Oh, and at night, when John's putting him to bed, Johnny does a roll call of names, asking where everyone is and Hank has been added to his list. Now if only we could get him to actually be gentle with Hank...

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  1. i'm late to this, but look at your adorable family! congratulations!