Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in action

Sorry everyone! Our Internet has been on the fritz lately and thus, I have been unable to access the blog for enough time to write a quick update.

The biggest news is that we finally met my nephew, Jack! John, Johnny and I went up to Los Angeles last weekend and stayed with Leslie and Sim and hung out with Lisa, John and Jack. The reports all proved true: he's adorable. Johnny was not particularly interested in Jack, though I expect that will change as Jack gets older... or maybe Johnny will remain as independent and anti-social toward other children as he is now. It remains to be seen. Anyway! Cute pictures were taken and will now be shared:


  1. Thanks for the great photos and for driving up to LA!

  2. it's hilarious how the babies are both trying to give peep shows on the women's shirts in these pics!

  3. Stacey, definitely a boy thing. And really, does it stop after baby/toddlerhood? Nope.