Friday, May 6, 2011

Beach time!

John was spending last Saturday getting some work done in the yard, so Johnny and I went to the beach in the morning to get out of his hair. We got to meet Grandma Nancy, Uncle Dylan and his girlfriend, Aunt Lindsay that morning for some play time and relaxation by the ocean. And what a beautiful day it was!
Johnny leaving the rest of us behind to follow Aunt Lindsay to the ocean... which he is kind of scared of... man he loves that girl.
Johnny's so funny about sand because when he first touches it, he's not thrilled that it sticks to his skin. Then he gets over it as he starts to play, at least he did on Saturday. However, when we started eating, my mom washed off his hands and then he got really picky about what he would pick up and what he wouldn't so he wouldn't get sand on his hands again. Oh yeah, he's my son for sure.

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