Friday, May 13, 2011

17 months

I'm 17 months old today!
It's funny how I don't feel like I'm much older than I was a month ago, but people who don't see me often always comment on how grown up I am and how much more I'm doing now. I mean, I guess I have more words for things now ("fouf" being the newest one... "shoe" is how adults say it, but that "sh" sound is really difficult) and can follow directions more easily and consistently, if I feel like it, of course. Sometimes I really don't feel like lying down on the floor so Mommy can change my diaper. What if I like walking around with a nice load in my pants? But most of the time I'm cooperative... when it comes to diapers. 

I'm also totally at home in my big boy room and have forgotten all about that nursery I used to stay in (I think now Mommy and Daddy call it "the poop room" since that's where my dirty diapers end up). I'm trying new foods constantly but still have my favorites, like eggplant parmesan as seen in the photo above. Yep, life is pretty great right now, I guess I should enjoy it before the "big day" in June. Not that I understand that at all, but I'm sure I'll get over it after the whole thing happens.

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