Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving... two weeks later.

Remember that time Hank stopped taking naps and sleeping at night? And then Johnny decided that 8:30pm is an appropriate bedtime and 5:00am is the perfect time to wake up? No? I guess I didn't tell you that because I have no free time in which to blog about it. Sorry for being MIA.

Anyway. I really don't have the motivation to do a full post, so I will merely post pictures from our Thanksgiving weekend.

Hank hanging with Uncle Scott at my Mom's for Thanksgiving Day
Hank with my cousin Carole

My mom with all of the boys!

Hank with my mom's friend Sue.
My mom and me... can you tell we're related?

Then Friday we spent at John's parents' cabin with John's family.
John and Hank with their cousin Jack.
Playing with Aunt Margie

Gail's always taking pictures and is never in the pictures herself... so here she is doing her thing

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