Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pinterest = Awesome

For those of you who are not on Pinterest... I'm almost a little jealous because you probably have more free time than I do. But I pity you as well. Why, you ask? Because Pinterest has changed my life in many small ways.

Just in case you don't know what Pinterest is, it's a site that is set up like a bulletin board on which you can "pin" favorite things you find the Internet. So instead of finding a great article and then bookmarking it and never looking at it again, you can make a bulletin board on Pinterest called "Articles" and save the location for later perusal. The best part is you can see what other people are "pinning" to their boards and you can find some majorly cool stuff.

For instance, these bad boys:
These are Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. And they are everything a cookie with that kind of name should be. I made them this week just for the heck of it and I was not disappointed. Just the sheer size of these cookies made them worthwhile:
Yes, they are (okay, okay, were) amazing. And I would never have found them without Pinterest. Other cool things I have found and have done:

Felt flowers
Power cord labels
Andes Mint Cupcakes
Ruler growth chart
Meal Plan dry erase board

Admittedly, only a few of things I have pinned have actually been realized, but it's fun to take a look at things that other people find. I've found a couple of awesome blogs through Pinterest and have found some of what I consider my style... which is a big deal considering I've had NO style for a while now.

Bottom line: If you're not pinning, you should be. It's awesome.

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