Saturday, January 15, 2011

First steps

I guess the biggest event of our east coast trip for the holidays (besides Christmas itself, of course) was that Johnny took his first steps the day after Christmas.

We were snowed in at John's Aunt Carol's house (yay snow!) and so we had spent the day lounging around, eating leftovers and trying to keep Johnny entertained. That night he was standing at the coffee table playing with an empty plastic bottle and a few plastic cups. He was trying to put the cups on top of the plastic bottle, when I took the bottle and moved a few feet away. With arms outstretched, a cup in one hand, Johnny let go of the table and took two steps on his own before falling into my arms. Everyone in the room started cheering and in my hormonal state I started crying.

I am so happy that walked to me first. If it had been anyone else (except for John, of course) it would have been heartbreaking for me. It seems Johnny knew that because despite every one else trying to him to walk to them first, he took his first steps toward his Mommy.

And now, he walks more frequently (especially when he's not thinking about it), but it's still not the preferred method of movement.

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