Thursday, October 14, 2010

First haircut!!

This past Sunday, Johnny got his hair cut for the first time! I wasn't sure where to take him and John was advocating that we just do it ourselves... which I wasn't into, so I asked some other moms where they've taken their kids. The answer was a place not far from us called Bambinos Salon for Kids.

It was great! A little overpriced, sure, but hey, what do you expect for a place that caters to bratty kids?

I was really worried that Johnny would be pretty difficult to deal with, especially considering he didn't go down for his nap before the appointment. However, he did really well. Granted, he didn't enjoy the whole experience (as you can tell from his face in the majority of the pictures below). His stylist Chris was very quick and did a nice job.
You can tell he's tired, poor baby. But doesn't he look older?!
Check out the awesome certificate we got, complete with some of Johnny's hair! Aww....

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