Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tummy Time No More

Johnny has always hated Tummy Time. Well, not always. He liked it when he was a few days old . . . and mostly asleep. After he turned a few weeks old, be began to rebel against Tummy Time for unknown reasons. I tried doing it in different places like his cute surfboard tummy time mat, or on my bed, or on me, but to no avail. He still hated it. However, I still made him do it for as long as possible every day because it is important for muscle development in the neck and chest in preparation to hold his head up and start crawling and such. (I am definitely going to be that mom who makes her child do things and says, "BECAUSE IT'S GOOD FOR YOU! Now finish mopping the floor while I read the rest of this magazine article . . ." just kidding. Kind of.)

Turns out my child is quite the innovator. He decided that since he hates being on his tummy so much, he would just learn how to roll over. Duh.

(Click here to see full screen on YouTube)
The first time he did it, I nearly lost my mind with excitement . . . and then proceeded to check the mat to see if there is some kind of incline. When I was satisfied with the flatness of the mat, I decided that it was probably a fluke and put him back on his tummy. Lo and behold, he did it again! This is when I grabbed the camera and was sure he wouldn't do it again because no matter how many times children will do something during the day, you put them on camera and they are just dying to make a liar out of you. But, he did it. And then did it again, though this time Mommy didn't position him very well on the mat . . .

(Click here to see full screen on YouTube)
Oops. Poor little guy.

Basically, our little man has learned to roll from tummy to back but has yet to learn how to roll from back to tummy. I'm sure we'll get there!

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